Sunday, August 20, 2006

Concluding session

I must express my thanks to all colleagues of MITE 6323, the community of learning, led by Dr Churchill. We've made up the constructivist experience which I've never had before. As a concluding session to my first blogging experience and this course, my final paper is published HERE with a brief description on the use of our learning object designed by Kelvin and me.


It provides students a means to get familiar with the function of a laser-engraving system before they get their hands on the actual machine. It allows students to choose between two predefined figures (“A” with an oval as its outline, or “B” with a polygon as its outline) to engrave.

By specifying the two colors (black and red) to be vector or raster, students can effectively control the laser beam to cut through or simply creating an embossed image onto the piece of acrylic sheet.

The simulator also gives students the choice of altering the speed and power of the black and red colors, thereby creating different effect. Upon pressing the “EXE” key, the resulting effect will be displayed via a pre-recorded video clip on the upper-right-hand corner, and a conceptual cross-sectional view animation adjacent to the video.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Final project

After days of hardwork, Kelvin and I are ready to present our final presentation.

It is over 30MB in size. You may download it from right-mouse-button-clicking on this URL, and select "save target as".

Click HERE for our source file.