Friday, May 26, 2006

My first attempt

  1. What have you learnt in the first class of this module?
    I learnt that to design an interactive activity employing ICT, there should be some key concepts in mind. Empowerment of learners can be achieved when we introduce infographics into the classroom is a new concept to me. However, the communication between the teacher and the student and among students is a key factor for quality learning to take place. At the same time, the incidents of conflict between family members happened recently in Hong Kong relate to using of computer remind me of the importance of personal relationship in this information era. If personal factors are excluded from the design of technology matters, problems are very likely to happen. The impact of educational technology to human relationship cannot be under-estimated.

    In order to use ICT in the classroom, teacher and student should have a democratic mind such that all parties can contribute to the activities in the lesson. This is a very important issue. It should be addressed morally and culturally.

    Producing interactive representations can be done in a short time. It requires skills and knowledge to accomplish. I believe that understanding of technology architecture can lead to competency after this lesson.

  2. What do you hope to learn in future in this module?
    I view of the great impact of technology to classroom learning and family life, I want to learn how to do things elegantly, neatly and accurately. This can spare time to deal with human relationship in the school and in my family.

  3. Do you think that interactive visual representations are important for education?
    Interactivity can be done with interactive visual representations. This can promote student’s empowerment in learning. I strongly believe that students can learn effectively if they can be proactive in the learning process. So, I agree that interactive visual representations are very important for education.

4. Let us have one slide / image that introduces yourself.

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